Sunday, 9 July 2017

This and that!

Well I'm back again after a few months. I was busy preparing for interviews. Preparing for technical interviews always requires some prep work even though you have been working on technical stuff everyday. I'm happy to tell you all that I cleared the interview and have started work as well. I like my new workplace a lot. The commute is slightly longer than my previous job, but I'm getting used to it. With all this going on , my blog always seems to take a backseat. :-(

We had a couple of days off before I started work at my new place and we visited Banff in Alberta, Canada. It is the most picturesque place on earth. If you have been there , then you will agree with me.

It has a lot of lakes which are surrounded by mountains and each of those lakes are spectacularly blue in color.

This was Lake Emerald in Yoho National Park in British Columbia, which totally lived up to it's name. This is at the border of British Columbia and Alberta.

This is a breathtaking view of a reservoir near Grassy Lakes. We had to hike a few miles to the top for this viewpoint which was totally worth it. :-)

Since we went in May, a few lakes had not melted completely. This is a panoramic view of Peyto Lake.  I can totally imagine the blue/green colour it will have once it melts.

We got lucky to come across some wildlife as well on our way to Lake Minnewanka and Lake Johnson. 

After resuming work, I have been crocheting a bit in the evenings and on weekends. I don't have any big projects to show but just mini ones :-)
Inspired by the beautiful weather outside, I made this colorful cacti.

I've kept one of the cacti on my desk at work.

Of late, I've been watching many Korean TV Series and cooking Korean food. 
I'm currently hooked to this drama called Defendant .
Last time I made a vegan version of doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew)

A couple of weeks ago, I got inspired by a Korean rice dish called Bibimbap (which means mixed-rice in Korean) and made a vegan version of it too. :-) 
It basically has white rice with lots of vegetables and a spicy sauce made with red chili paste. 
Living in Vancouver which has a large Asian population, I usually don't have any problems finding any ingredients like soybean paste, red chili paste and red chili flakes. :-)

A lot of vegetables go into this dish and it's very tasty and wholesome too.

How is the weather in your city? I hope you are having a great day/night on your side of the world!
I promise to try to post more regularly. :-)

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Hi there,

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon for us here and I'm happy to have found time to write this post.

My latest project has been a crochet amigurumi monkey. When I found this pattern , I instantly fell in love with the cute faces those monkeys had and decided to make one.

I was so busy crocheting and eager to finish it that I forgot to take photos of all the parts.
Here are some of the in-progress pics.

The ears of this monkey are large and layered, but the pattern also has smaller ones if you want to try those. 

The muzzle looks so cute, I might make another just for the muzzle 😂

I was initially contemplating adding eye patches but eventually decided against it.
I used an alternate version of a french knot to make the eyes.

All done!! :-)

The monkey stands upright with the help of it's tail as I added chenille stems inside the tail instead of stuffing it. I loved this idea :-)

Tangerine will very soon find a new home and will be loved by my niece :-)

It was a quick and fun project :-) If I find time , then I might make another in a different colour.
How is your weekend going? I hope to find more time for crochet in the coming weeks and can't wait for spring to be here. 
Rain , rain go away!!

Till I post again,

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Hello after a year!!

I know it's been terribly quiet here for a long time. I decided to take a short break after the granny square blanket, but never thought it would be this long until I write my next post. It's been a busy year with a new job + moving houses to be closer to work(my yarn was packed up for almost half of the year) + a trip to India + hectic work schedules = less crochet + no blogging. I've missed reading all my favourite blogs, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Since I hadn't stopped crocheting/knitting. I have a few finished projects which I'll be blogging about in this and my future posts :-)

It's been snowing here since last night and continued all through the morning. 
I've been snuggled up on my couch with a mug of South Indian filter coffee and crocheting my cute little snowman. 

The snowman turned out so cute that I feel like making another with some thinner yarn so he is the size of a tree ornament. 😄

I'm totally enjoying the holiday season with snow here. Are you enjoying the holiday season too??
Happy holidays!! 😄
Till I post again,

Pattern info:
If you would like to make this snowman, the pattern can be found HERE

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Granny square delight !!

I've finally completed my granny square blanket. I have been planning on making this since I started crocheting and have managed to do it after 4 long years. Unsure that I would follow through, I was always reluctant to start this project; but somehow mustered courage and took the leap. 

I started this blanket in August and have been working on it off and on. Overall it took me around 4 months to complete this project. 

This is my first ever(might as well be the last) multi colored granny square blanket. I can easily say the hardest part was choosing colors at random for each row. It is a lot easier if the colors are finalized in the beginning.

The first granny square of the blanket.

Gradually growing in number

My sister had gifted me a Michael's gift card for my birthday last year and most of the yarn for this project came from that. So a big thank you to her!! :-)

Before starting each row I would finalize all the colors for that row. and put them in the stitch holder in the right order. This saved a lot of time.

I used "join as you go" method for joining the squares.

Many more rows to go ...

Half way through ...

Almost done ...

Weaving in the ends felt like a project in itself. 
These are the trims for just 2 rows of the blanket

Finally it is ready with all the squares joined and all ends weaved in. It has 21 rows of 18 squares each.

 I decided to keep the border simple and made a granny stripe border.

It's wonderfully heavy and gives just the right amount of warmth. It looks so beautiful that I sometimes wonder if I will ever use it ;-)

It adds a great dash of color to our room and makes adjusting to the gray skies of Vancouver a bit more easier ;-) 
The completion of this grand project has made me every bit as proud as I could ever be!!! :-)

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !
Till I post again!